Poetry Therapy

I, unfortunately, lost my mother and a dear friend three weeks later.  Both women were very ill and in pain.  I know it is better that they are resting without pain, but the heart aches for them. This is because they were and still are loved.

The mind goes through so many memories when a loved one is gone. Emotions are seriously out of the ordinary and you never know when you will not be able to handle the memory and this new reality.  Tears begin to flow and your insides melt into pain. 

My mother had ten children. I am the oldest.  She and my father were very good parents and always put their children first. I saw my mother in pain for almost every day of her life. She taught us to never give in to your pain and we were witness to this truth she modeled.  

She never stop helping us no matter how old we were.  To the very last day of her life, she made it home so that we could all say goodbye to her as we did with my father.  All of us surrounded her as she took her last breathe. There is no way to explain the love we have for our mother. We care for her everyday after dad died, she was never alone.

She hung on for four and a half years to be with us all the while wanting to be with dad. We told her it was ok to go, we would grant her continuous wish that she told us a million times. My mother’s words were to care for each other and not separate.  Always be the family that we are, loving each other as we were taught growing up.

When they took mom from our home, my sister played “At Last” because we all knew it was time for her to be with dad in heaven and finally out of pain. It was my sister’s way of saying goodbye. 

Writing poetry is my way of releasing this emotional pain because the words come from the heart. Here is one of the poems that I have written about my mother.


My beautiful Mother, Theresa and I.

Unwanted Journey

The start of this unwanted journey
brings havoc to my being. Is my mother near death?

This dreaded time of the unknown, feels like a blinded 
walk into the future, yet, the outcome is already known. 
Give time for the medicine to work we are told.
Give time for her body to recover.

The start of this unwanted journey 
is one I walk with my family. Then why do I feel alone? 
My fears are so overwhelming. Anticipation of emotions 
are spiraling out of control, but I must be in control.

The start of this unwanted journey 
was something I knew had to be. We will all face 
this destiny. I just wish it would not come for my 
beautiful mother. The mother who has taught me,
I can do anything I want to do, I can be anything 
I want to be. The mother who showed us how to
never let illness get you down.

The start of this unwanted journey came to its dreaded end.
The mother whom I love dearly is not with us
anymore. She, instead, is with my Father and son.
She, instead, is without pain.
And I must not be selfish.

©2017 Antonia Murguia





Harvey has certainly made us come together in Texas.  The lives involved are tremendous. People coming together and helping is something to be proud of.

It just happened at this time, my family had planned a vacation at Canyon Lake.
As I watched the news about Harvey’s wrath, I was writing in my vacation condo.
As the beginning of the vacation, it rained and rained.  Towards mid-week, the rain stopped and it was windy, but the sky was clear and the sun came out. It was amazing because it looked like the hurricane rains had never come.

As I entered the lake, I thought about the irony of being on vacation, while others were trying to get away from the water.  I thought of the people who lost their homes and treasures. A home that may have been their first or one they had for years.  I thought of the items like pictures and books and jewelry and for kids, toys, that they had to leave.
Clothes, cars, meds and essential papers.  There are a million things that are important  and to think it is all gone is heart breaking.  Not only homes and treasures, but jobs! Life is at a stand still.

I think every person realizes how lucky they are if they are not affected by this tragedy and at the same time feels the pain of the people who are affected.

I looked up hurricane and its place in weather. I learned that a hurricane is nature’s way of keeping the temperatures as they should be. Since the sun warms up the earth un-uniformly, the hurricanes help to send warm air to the poles to help the circulation of atmospheric heat. After learning this, I thought of the hurricane and wondered what he would say if he could speak.

Here is a poem I have written about Words from Harvey

Words from Harvey

Warning, I am coming into land.
This is something I must do.
Temperatures are in chaos.
This must be corrected.

This is something I must do.
My path has been written
and I must follow it.
I do not do this to hurt others.

Temperatures are in chaos.
I must save earth.
This is the only way.
I travel as the winds carry me.

This must be corrected.
This is nature’s way of controlling atmospheric heat.
This earth must be our priority.
Warning, I am coming into land.



Summer is upon us and poetry must continue.  There is no summer break for poetic words. As a matter of fact, poetry contests run rampant. Poetry venues continue to spring into action and invite the world to enter.  Finding out about when and where poetry is going on is best handled by word of mouth.  Summer is a perfect time to try new poetry venues because summer presents itself as a perfect time to experience something different.

If you are unable to go to poetry venues, then other resources are libraries, the internet, the local newspaper, or creative writing organizations in your area.  There are also many poetry websites to discover and research.  All of these resources will give you a chance to listen to poetry or encourage you to try your hand at writing poetry.

For those of us who are poets, I challenge you to write a poem using a new form.        I believe this is one of the critical ways to keep our writing sharp. It helps our mind to think out of the ordinary and step up our level of writing.

If you are new to poetry, I applaud you for having courage to try reading and understanding and writing poetry.  I believe poetry is so misunderstood and not respected as a form of literature that many people don’t even give poems a chance.

I invite newcomers to poetry to look for the core message at the end.  I also invite you to write a poem.

One of the easiest poems to write is an Acrostic Poem.  It is a poem that takes the letters of a name and attaches a complimentary word about that subject. Each word has to begin with each letter of a name. For example, an acrostic poem for the name Kathy may look like this.



Another way to write an Acrostic Poem into use a phrase or sentence with each letter.


Kindness filled soul
Amazing smile
Terrific sharing heart
Helpful with everyone
Young at heart

Try writing an Acrostic Poem for someone you care about. Instead of a first name, use a last name for your family.  It could also be a noun such as a name of a city or school.  Have fun.  This is an easy first poem for anyone.

If you decide to write a poem, other than an Acrostic Poem, remember that you want to describe the situation, not tell.  Describe so that your reader is there watching with you and can see and feel every part of your story.

Do not be afraid. You are in charge of your writing. Read your poem out loud and
share with others. Remember, poets and their poems are an important part of our society.  Poetry is and will always be an essential part of our vocal and written history. Be open to listening to poetry and think of poems as songs.  Poetry descriptive words is the act of describing something in a different mode that makes you think in new ways.

–Antonia Murguia



April is Poetry Month and Fiesta Month in San Antonio, Texas!  It is exciting for me to see our city celebrate Poetry and Fiesta.  Fiesta honors memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.

Both poetry and Fiesta are true loves of mine.  Poetry has been in my blood forever.  To share poetry is the greatest reward a poet can have. For people to respond to my poetry is the second greatest reward.

That said, Fiesta is in my blood.  I am truly a party girl, soul deep!  A Fiesta greatest award is celebration because people come together and everything is more about good than bad.

Hence, my blog is about juggling both.  So with a fine tooth comb, I carefully select the events I want to attend, to participate in, to enjoy.  I try to remain calm, but am really hyper inside.  If I get too hyper, I end up scaring my family.  So I try to be reasonable and play it cool.  This is where the epistemology come in.

After the main events are tagged, secondary events are then labeled.  The second condition is time and money.   The third factor is the overall picture of what can be accomplished with the other things going on in my calendar and with my family. This method works well until I hit a kink! Then all bets are off and I just want to scream.

So, moving on…I select a poetry event for each week.  I select a Fiesta event for every other day.  Sometimes, I get lucky and get invited to a poetry or Fiesta event that I had not planned on.   Boy, am I happy!  Then again, sometimes I don’t get to go because of an unexpected situation.  Boy, am I unhappy!

Needless to say, this is the best time of my calendar year. Two celebrations!  Poetry is openly respected and people become open to giving it a try or at least listening to it.  This time also provides an opportunity to hear well known poets speak their craft and here in San Antonio, all kinds of poetry groups are on the Poetry Citywide Calendar.  Listening to different poets and different kinds of poetry brings an energy that is hard to describe and until you experience it ,will you understand.

Fiesta has so many events that I literally have to keep myself focused.  For me its like handing a child an open bag of their favorite candy.  Each year, the Fiesta Association has added new events that are so different and interesting that they drive me batty because I want to attend them all.  Needless to say, control is key!  We have three parades, countless festivals, royal pageantry, Kings and Duchesses!  We have Fiesta metals to collect and show off and drink and all kinds of food from many ethnicities.

A final treat for me is inspiration that I get just by attending these poetry and Fiesta events. A wonderful, wonderful gift for me.

So if you are ever in San Antonio, Texas during the month of April, make plans to have the time of your life.  I promise you will be as happy as confetti falling from the air making you into a colorful rainbow.

-Antonia Murguia

2017 Resolutions

New Year 2017 moved in with good wishes on everyone’s lips.  I looked forward to another year of great poetry.  My 2017 resolutions are simple:  Write More, Read More, Submit More, and Go to More Readings ! It’s all about poetry for me.  Poetry, poetry and more poetry!

Easier planned than done!  For one thing, poetry comes in different ways.  In a flash, like a lightening strike, is the best of all because poetry flows out like pouring water out of a hose. Other times, the first line of a poem enters your mind and sits in a poetry mind folder until you can attend to it.

Quality is what you seek.  Essential words that portray a meaning of your idea in a way that captures the reader and your message in a unique way.  So when the words pour like water, your poem is on fire, but when you only have a first line, it requires more work. The whole trick is to not give up on a poem because writing even a little of it may bring better ideas  on what to say to give power to your poem.  You have to feel it in your heart.  If you feel the soul of the poem, you can create it.

There is an abundance of resources for reading poetry.  The Internet, libraries, bookstores are filled with poetry.  Leaving yourself opened to reading traditional as well as contemporary poetry is suggested because you will never know how certain styles and poets capture you. I love Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, and my good friend, Darrell Pittman, and so many other poetry friends.

Finding contests to submit is also easy.  Submitting to contests is good for anyone.  It helps you to learn how to write on many topics. You learn to follow directions carefully.  Some contests come with money awards and some come with a publication package or both. Search under poetry websites and poetry contests.  Make sure and keep a list of which contest you submitted to with dates, name of poems, and fees.

Going to poetry readings is another way to learn about poetry.  Hearing a poet read their poem is always a treasure. You can hear their voice inflections and see the emotions that come from their poems.  You can also learn about how poets puts their images together in describing what is happening. There are many poetry organizations that welcome guests.  I learned that all poetry groups are not the same. There is jazz poetry, slam poetry,  simply open mic and traditional and contemporary poetry groups where poetry is submitted for contests and others I am not even aware of. It is best to try them all. This is the best way to learn about different poetry styles and which one calls to you.

2017 is proving to be a great poetry start for me.  Write, Read, Submit and Go to Readings!  My resolutions will continue to be my poetry focus all year! Sending good wishes for your poetry resolutions!

Happy Poetry!

-Antonia Murguia


Loving Poetry

Poetry gets a bad rap in my house!  There’s no love for it, except for the occasional holiday when something pretty wants to be said.

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race.  And the human race is filled with passion.”  –Dead Poet’s Society

Many people don’t get poetry and don’t care to even give it a chance, but where would we be without poetry?   Poetry comes from passion, from a reaction deep within our gut to communicate our response to what we experience.

“Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.” – Rumi

We, poets, know this and cannot stop ourselves from writing.  It is healing for us.  We thrive from our storytelling.  Sharing our words fulfill our need to express what is important.

So where does this leave people like my family who don’t get poetry?  Well, I am still searching for that answer.  I have read my poetry to them and their response other than, ‘that’s nice,’ is non-existent. Their smiles are acts of kindness, nothing more.   That’s my reality!

Perhaps it is a fear of truth that poetry forces one to face. Or as my father-in-law stated, when I was in 4th grade, a teacher forced me to recite a poem I hated, hence a bad experience. Which does my head because it was so long ago, my father-in-law is 87! You would think along the way, life would have stirred him to the beauty of poetry.

No matter, poetry will survive. Everyday, the world is continuing to truly recognize poetry as an art form to be respected.  Poets are commanding attention for their poems and they do it by grabbing and leading  you to discover a truth revealed forcing you to analyze their reflective words.

Our website, the Alamo Area Poets of Texas, is precisely about promoting poetry and our love for it.  This blog called, Let’s Talk, is a view into our poetry world. Each month we will have a new Let’s Talk blog. We will be speaking about what is important to us and its connection to poetry.  We welcome everyone to learn about us.  We hope this website can be a door to understanding poets and understanding their respect for life and all it entails. We also hope to invite anyone to join AAPT and become members.  Your courage to speak poetry words will be applauded.

As for my family, they know I will never stop writing, promoting, or supporting poetry. Though, they cannot relate to my poetry, they know I am and will always be a poet. Poetry is my lifeline and respect is how we live in peace.

-Antonia Murguia