Alamo Area Poets of Texas is a chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas.  We are also a member of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.  AAPT was founded on  February 4, 2006. The purpose of this non-profit corporation shall be to stimulate and cultivate the art of poetry writing and its appreciation.


Is open to all poets who will abide by the by-laws and pay the annual dues of $10.00.
We do not accept a poem that is obscene, vulgar, racist, uses profanity or is plagiarized.
A chapbook anthology and handbook will be published annually. Presently the funds are being donated. If funds are not available, members will be asked to determine if the membership fee should be increased to cover the cost or if the booklets should be discontinued. 

The officers of the Alamo Area Poets of Texas (Contacts) for September 2017 to May 2018 are:

           President:   Lois Heger 

 Vice-President:   Carol Siskovic

          Treasurer:   Billie Stroud
                                  (Also – Parliamentarian)

          Secretary:   Antonia Murguia
                                 (Also – Webmaster and Publications)

Program Chair:  Sheila Moore
                                (Also – Contest Chair)



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