New Year 2017 moved in with good wishes on everyone’s lips.  I looked forward to another year of great poetry.  My 2017 resolutions are simple:  Write More, Read More, Submit More, and Go to More Readings ! It’s all about poetry for me.  Poetry, poetry and more poetry!

Easier planned than done!  For one thing, poetry comes in different ways.  In a flash, like a lightening strike, is the best of all because poetry flows out like pouring water out of a hose. Other times, the first line of a poem enters your mind and sits in a poetry mind folder until you can attend to it.

Quality is what you seek.  Essential words that portray a meaning of your idea in a way that captures the reader and your message in a unique way.  So when the words pour like water, your poem is on fire, but when you only have a first line, it requires more work. The whole trick is to not give up on a poem because writing even a little of it may bring better ideas  on what to say to give power to your poem.  You have to feel it in your heart.  If you feel the soul of the poem, you can create it.

There is an abundance of resources for reading poetry.  The Internet, libraries, bookstores are filled with poetry.  Leaving yourself opened to reading traditional as well as contemporary poetry is suggested because you will never know how certain styles and poets capture you. I love Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, and my good friend, Darrell Pittman, and so many other poetry friends.

Finding contests to submit is also easy.  Submitting to contests is good for anyone.  It helps you to learn how to write on many topics. You learn to follow directions carefully.  Some contests come with money awards and some come with a publication package or both. Search under poetry websites and poetry contests.  Make sure and keep a list of which contest you submitted to with dates, name of poems, and fees.

Going to poetry readings is another way to learn about poetry.  Hearing a poet read their poem is always a treasure. You can hear their voice inflections and see the emotions that come from their poems.  You can also learn about how poets puts their images together in describing what is happening. There are many poetry organizations that welcome guests.         I learned that all poetry groups are not the same. There is jazz poetry, slam poetry,  simply open mic and traditional and contemporary poetry groups where poetry is submitted for contests and others I am not even aware of. It is best to try them all. This is the best way to learn about different poetry styles and which one calls to you.

2017 is proving to be a great poetry start for me.  Write, Read, Submit and Go to Readings!  My resolutions will continue to be my poetry focus all year! Sending good wishes for your poetry resolutions!

Happy Poetry!

-Antonia Murguia


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