Loving Poetry

Poetry gets a bad rap in my house!  There’s no love for it, except for the occasional holiday when something pretty wants to be said.

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race.  And the human race is filled with passion.”  –Dead Poet’s Society

Many people don’t get poetry and don’t care to even give it a chance, but where would we be without poetry?   Poetry comes from passion, from a reaction deep within our gut to communicate our response to what we experience.

“Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.” – Rumi

We, poets, know this and cannot stop ourselves from writing.  It is healing for us.  We thrive from our storytelling.  Sharing our words fulfill our need to express what is important.

So where does this leave people like my family who don’t get poetry?  Well, I am still searching for that answer.  I have read my poetry to them and their response other than, ‘that’s nice,’ is non-existent. Their smiles are acts of kindness, nothing more.   That’s my reality!

Perhaps it is a fear of truth that poetry forces one to face. Or as my father-in-law stated, when I was in 4th grade, a teacher forced me to recite a poem I hated, hence a bad experience. Which does my head because it was so long ago, my father-in-law is 87! You would think along the way, life would have stirred him to the beauty of poetry.

No matter, poetry will survive. Everyday, the world is continuing to truly recognize poetry as an art form to be respected.  Poets are commanding attention for their poems and they do it by grabbing and leading  you to discover a truth revealed forcing you to analyze their reflective words.

Our website, the Alamo Area Poets of Texas, is precisely about promoting poetry and our love for it.  This blog called, Let’s Talk, is a view into our poetry world. Each month we will have a new Let’s Talk blog. We will be speaking about what is important to us and its connection to poetry.  We welcome everyone to learn about us.  We hope this website can be a door to understanding poets and understanding their respect for life and all it entails. We also hope to invite anyone to join AAPT and become members.  Your courage to speak poetry words will be applauded.

As for my family, they know I will never stop writing, promoting, or supporting poetry. Though, they cannot relate to my poetry, they know I am and will always be a poet. Poetry is my lifeline and respect is how we live in peace.

-Antonia Murguia



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